• Nathan Riley, MD

Be Kind

Every day you interact with hundreds of people. Each of those people has their own story, and the experience of their day could range anywhere from absolute hell to heaven on earth. Maybe they got laid for the first time? Maybe their father is sick? Maybe they’re afraid of what their doctor might say about a recent blood test? The same goes for you.

When we interact with others, it’s easy to let our own personal biases and struggles derail our relationships with them. You can’t control the way that other people manage their shit. You have equally little control over what happened to you early today. I’m sure it was awful, but it’s water under the bridge.

What you can control is how you react. I challenge you enter every personal agreement and interaction with kindness. No matter what the circumstances, we have no excuse to act anything but kindly towards our friends, brother-in-laws, internet trolls, the lady checking you into your dentist appointment, the guy that cut you off in traffic, the telemarketer that calls in the middle of supper, even the animals, flowers, and trees that make this world such a beautiful place.

Start and end with kindness.

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