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Obgyno Wino Podcast Episode 59 - An Unassisted Hospital Birth (Story)

"Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being."

- Rumi

2018 Valpolicella Classico from Ca' La Bionda

In Episode 59, Maryn Green, CPM, midwifery instructor, and my dear friend, is back on the show to tell her story about the birth of the newest edition to her family, Rumi Sol. Her story is an important one because she made the determination at the very end to transfer her birth to the hospital. Something just didn't feel right, and her intuition must have been strong because Maryn - now boasting ten vaginal births - has given birth to all but one of her children at home. We also wax poetic about birth per usual, but the raw power of her story runs deep. Also per usual, Maryn managed to pull off an incredible feat: an unassisted birth at the hospital. Enjoy!

References from the show:

Maryn Green, CPM/independent midwife can be contacted through her website

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