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Obgyno Wino Podcast Episode 62 - Trauma-Informed Birthkeeping

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'Yes,' said Piglet, 'Rabbit's clever.'

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Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

PInot Noir from Nicolas Idiart

In Episode 62, Tracey Vogel, MD, an OB anesthesiologist, is on the show to talk about her very unique path into trauma-informed birth keeping. Tracey is a practicing anesthesiologist at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh who has taken a unique interest in tendering women through their hospital-based birth process. When she's not training medical students and residents in OB anesthesiology, she lecturing at ACOG, writing books, and devoting a portion of her time Pro bono to counseling women who have suffered through past personal trauma, whether they be birth-related or otherwise, in the context of pregnancy and birth planning.

Keys from our conversation:

  • Some anesthesiologists do extra training so that they can focus entirely on maternity care

  • How a physician's eyes might be opened to the value of trauma-informed maternity care

  • "Trauma" often conjures up ideas of rape and violence, including obstetric violence. But birth itself can be traumatic, with or without a "healthy mom, healthy baby" outcome.

  • The importance of giving a woman the opportunity to talk about her past experiences or births and truly listening (this is therapy in and of itself!)

References from the show:

Additional resources on the nuances of trauma-informed care:

Tracey can be contacted through her website

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